Property Management

I have worked with Morris Realty for 4 years know and we have had nothing but great service. They handled up to 10 of our homes at one time and through the burst of the real estate bubble, they were more than helpful. We now have 5 homes that Randy and his crew handle for us and they have always been extremely helpful and professional. As a home owner, it is very important that our homes are well cared for and Morris Realty has always communicated with me when the homes are in need of repair and have often initiated the work out of pocket. Morris realty is a Property Management Company so that means he haves to get approval from the home owner to do the work and the money for the work comes from the homeowner not the management company. There was a time when I could not afford to replace or fix some issues with my homes and Randy and his company fronted the money to fix the problems for the renter. Morris Realty is very,very,very prompt in addressing problems with the homes he handles. I have 5 homes and Morris Realty has always kept the renters interests and concerns on the top of his priority list. In all the time I have dealt with Randy and his team, they have never spoke with any contempt or rudeness. They have always been very polite and a pleasure to work with. I have tried to use other Management Companies and have been let down miserably. Morris Realty is one of the best companies San Antonio has to offer and a pleasure to work with. I am a hard working father of four that is investing in real estate to help secure my families future. I am strongly confident in the abilities and professionalism of Morris Realty in taking care of all their clients interests and concerns. I would strongly suggest using their company for both renters and owners alike. Thank you Morris Realty for a great job!

Satisfied Client