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  • Industry standard isn't good enough, find out why we reject the average and go for customer-focused first approach.
  • Our leader and team is involved in every aspect of the business. Don't be surprised if you call in and we can assist your needs and rise to the occasion.
  • In an industry where over 70 percent of agents leave the business in less than 2 years, we are a team of professionals that stand out above the rest.
  • If we make you a promise, we stand by our commitment to our brand and our customers.
  • Why do most agents try to be everything to everybody? We hire and develop expertise, so you always work with the best for you.
  • Real estate isn’t renown for being at the cutting edge – so we innovate our own technology to make it right for you.
Realtor® | BrokerRandy Morris

Realtor® | BrokerRandy Morris

  • Randy is the Broker and Owner of Morris Realty and specializes in new and pre-owned home sales, rentals and property management in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Randy started his career in 1971 and obtained his Real Estate Salesman’s license in 1979 and Broker’s license in 1981. Randy manages the firm with several experienced agents and administrative staff and has a Bachelor in Business Administration and Management from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

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What Our Clients Say

Ben & Karen

‟Randy Morris has been our Property Manager for over 17 years, He has been attentive, reliable and trustworthy while managing our properties. When we decided to sell one of the properties, Randy led us patiently through the process. He gathered market data, managed the refurbishing of the property securing top-notch reliable suppliers and sought out potential buyers. Randy secured a buyer and the closing of the sale within a month and a half. Randy acted swiftly, efficiently and economically. My wife and I recommend Randy for your property management and realty needs” Read More ▾

Christian De la Cruz

‟My wife and I have recently purchased a house from Morris Realty, and we could not be happier with their service. Randy Morris was our Realtor, and he was spectacular. Randy worked with our budget and listened to all of our desires and needs. He was patient, calm, and very knowledgeable about home buying. He drove us around to look at over 10 homes and was extremely patient with our very specific wish list. He found us a home that was under budget, in a wonderful neighborhood, and had everything that we desired. His online search system helped us narrow down exactly what we wanted over two months, and when it came time to buy, Randy always made time to meet with us when it was convenient for us. My wife and I are both teachers with very difficult schedules. Randy would make time on holidays and weekends to drive us around for hours, and he always would reply with an email, text, or phone call if we had a question that very day, usually within minutes. I haven't been in contact with too many Realtors in my life, but I highly doubt they are as professional, understanding, and effective as Randy. One of the sprinkler heads weren't working on our property during our option, so Randy went to Lowes and purchased a new sprinkler head with his own money. He and his son changed it out so that the grass could get watered on the scheduled day of the week so my wife and I could see the lawn before and after it was watered. He also changed the air filters of the home and lent us his painting supplies after the house closed and was funded. I cannot say enough great things about our experience. My wife and I fell in love with the house immediately so we wanted to give it our best offer. Randy calmly advised us to test the waters first. He was able to negotiate the seller so that paid all of the closing costs ($6,400), paid for simple repairs around the house ($2,000), and agree to sell the house after they had dropped the original asking price ($21,000!) because it used to be a rental property and the sellers had moved to Hawaii and just wanted to get rid of it. Randy saved us so much money on the house of our dreams simply on his gut feeling and past experiences. He has been doing this for over 30 years, and has been very very successful. The other amazing thing about Morris Realty is their local connection and references with some of the best people and technicians in the area. We used the $2,000 allowance to have a repair party which means that a couple of days after a closing, Randy arranged to have all the technicians come at once to fix all that needed to get fixed. Randy called his plumber, electrician, ac man, alarm system rep and carpenter to come and give us the most competitive prices. That has allowed us to customize our home before we even move in. All the workers were extremely courteous, knowledgeable, and fair with their prices. The awesome plumber, Merle, added extra services that he didn't charge for as a "house warming" present. We don't get any compensation at all for writing this review other than the satisfaction that others are able to benefit from this amazing man and company. My favorite Randy quote is "I want to offer a service to people where I know I can sleep at night. Some companies take advantage of their customers. I want to know that I am truly helping them." Trust us. If you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a property in San Antonio, you've got to use Randy Morris Realty” Read More ▾

Deedie Barber

‟Randy Morris with Morris Realty managed 5 rental houses for my husband and I in San Antonio Texas for 20 years. The houses were bought when my husband was in San Antonio during his military career. We never had to be concerned about anything with the houses. Randy kept them rented to the appropriate people. He inspected them, had them repaired when needed, collected rent money and removed inappropriate and destructive renters. We visited the houses on occasion and were always pleased when we did. My husband past away 2 years ago and Randy helped us regarding all decisions on all the houses to include selling them. I am glad I trusted Randy in the process. He had all my houses sold within 2-3 months! Randy and his company totally took care of everything that needed to be done. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, caring, honest and dependable. I totally recommend him for your real estate needs” Read More ▾

Dr. & Mrs. Charles B

‟Thank you for being our agent on the sale of our home. Your professional advice, the contractor, and the interior decorator you recommended were right on. Your advice with the details and decisions of the final contracts were also very much appreciated. Thank you again. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Dr. Coira

‟Mr. Morris and his staff have been our property managers for a rental house in Windcrest for years, since my father passed away and I inherited his home. They do a great job of getting quality renters at market price and maintaining the property. When my wife and I had another house we wanted to sell in Schertz, again he stepped in, handled everyth ing and got it sold a week after listing it, at more than what we originally listed it at. He is totally professional and a nice guy as well. We highly recommend him and his company for all real estate related matters” Read More ▾

Dr. Gilman - Major General, US Army (ret)

‟I am in the middle of changing jobs right now and these are always time for reflection. Our family is extremely grateful for the nearly four decades of business relationships we have with your family. We have bought homes, sold homes, rented one home that your managed, and we have used your property management expertise to rent houses we owned at l east a couple of times. We have relied on your experience and advice in selecting contractors to do upgrades on the Windcrest home we currently own and relied on your advice recently in negotiating a bit of relief for the recent increase in the appraised value for property tax purposes. When one of the contractors you recommended failed to deliver an outcome that was acceptable, you aggressively assisted in helping to work out a “Get well” plan. Your services have been all the more valued because we are a military family – thirty-five years of making home where they Army sent us. You enabled us to handle many key transactions by phone, fax and email. We have come to trust Morris Realty implicitly in those times when we could not be on location to see things through ourselves. It has been great doing business with you these many years just as it was doing our tax business with your mom and dad for so long. Here’s hoping that we can continue doing business together for another many years” Read More ▾

Jeff and Mary Fletcher

‟Mary and I want to thank you for all of your time and hard work in helping us find our new home. We truly appreciate your patience and expertise. We especially want to thank you for the level of customer service you provided during the process. You returned our calls promptly. When it came time for professional referrals such as a Home Inspector, y ou had a list of trusted people for us to use. Basically, you held our hand throughout the entire course of our search and purchase. In closing, we are VERY HAPPY with our new home and owe you a debt of gratitude for all your help. We will gladly recommend you and Morris Realty to anyone looking to sell or purchase a new home” Read More ▾

Malcolm and Amy McQueen

‟Thank you for your excellent service and work in helping us sell our home. You went the extra mile to help us prep the house for showing and selling. Also, the persons you recommended for doing the several repairs to the home did good work and showed up when they said they would. In addition, you continually communicated with us and visited with us throughout the entire process. All in all, we are most pleased with your service and are thankful to have worked with you” Read More ▾

Katie Palmer

‟Until now, I have never been affected enough by a product or service to want to write a review about it. After having Randy Morris as my realtor, I wanted to shout his praises from the rooftops…I am not kidding here. My husband and I are first time homebuyers who decided to make an offer on a short sale property. We were not planning on making an o ffer on any property at the time, as we felt that we needed more time to save but we decided that this property was too good to pass up. So we decided to start the process. I know a lot of realtors in San Antonio and to be honest, I wasn’t too fond of any of them…I always felt that they were pushy and did not have our best interests in mind. Needless to say I was very apprehensive about the whole situation. Randy came very highly recommended so we decided to start working with him. I could not have been more pleased with the results. Randy was AMAZING throughout the whole process, from us making our first offer to finally closing about 6 months later. He also assisted us with finding a mortgage lender (who has also been amazing) and assisted with all of our paperwork. We did not realize how complex a short sale was, but Randy took time to explain everything clearly and succinctly so that we never felt unprepared for any decision we made. He responded to every call, text, or email very promptly and never made us feel like we were bothering him. We had A LOT of questions hahaha. As I said, Randy was patient and forthcoming with information and we always felt that he was looking out for our best interests. Even at closing, Randy asked many questions to clarify and challenged points that he felt were unfair to us. I was impressed and I felt that he was truly taking care of us. After closing, Randy helped us out so much more. He set up a “repair party” for us and invited various contractors to come out to the house and give us their bids on different projects that needed to be completed. Every contractor that Randy recommended did a fantastic job and was fair with their pricing. From start to finish, dealing with Randy Morris and Morris Realty has been a pleasure. I have recommended Randy to anyone I know that is looking for a realtor…but I wanted to go above and beyond for Randy, just like he did for us. This is why I am posting this review. Randy’s work and reputation speak for themselves, but I wanted to express my happiness and satisfaction with the overall experience. If you are looking for the best realtor in San Antonio, please go to Randy!! You will not be disappointed” Read More ▾

Mark Coira

‟Mr. Morris and his staff have been our property managers for a rental house in Windcrest for years, since my father passed and I inherited his home. They do a great job of getting quality renters at market price and maintaining the property. When my wife and I had another house we wanted to sell in Schertz, again he stepped in, handled everything a nd got it sold a week after listing it, at more than what we originally listed it at. He is totally professional and a nice guy as well. We highly recommend him and his company for all real estate related matters” Read More ▾

The Sullivan Family

‟My husband and I met Randy Morris around 1999 when he started managing the house we were renting at the time. We were a struggling family of four with one-income who desperately needed a nice, safe & stable environment in which to raise our sons & give them a neighborhood they could call their own. Randy Morris & his staff were extremely profess ional, courteous & compassionate. If a need arose in which Randy needed to be consulted, Randy was always available & went above and beyond to help us in any way possible. Randy's compassion & genuineness literally gave our family the opportunity to provide the stability, environment & security we so desperately needed as a young struggling family. When we bought our first home we used Randy's realty company because we knew we could trust him to look out for our interests. By the way, we still own our home which happens to be located in the same neighborhood where we rented from Randy” Read More ▾