Dr. Gilman – Major General, US Army (ret)

I am in the middle of changing jobs right now and these are always time for reflection. Our family is extremely grateful for the nearly four decades of business relationships we have with your family. We have bought homes, sold homes, rented one home that your managed, and we have used your property management expertise to rent houses we owned at least a couple of times. We have relied on your experience and advice in selecting contractors to do upgrades on the Windcrest home we currently own and relied on your advice recently in negotiating a bit of relief for the recent increase in the appraised value for property tax purposes. When one of the contractors you recommended failed to deliver an outcome that was acceptable, you aggressively assisted in helping to work out a “Get well” plan.

Your services have been all the more valued because we are a military family – thirty-five years of making home where they Army sent us. You enabled us to handle many key transactions by phone, fax and email. We have come to trust Morris Realty implicitly in those times when we could not be on location to see things through ourselves. It has been great doing business with you these many years just as it was doing our tax business with your mom and dad for so long.

Here’s hoping that we can continue doing business together for another many years.

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